Comparing CNC machining services vs manual machining services

A good assortment of manufacturing techniques can make it possible for a project to succeed. If you are wondering which method to utilize for your company, here’s a comparison of manual machining and CNC machining to help you choose the best option for your prototypes and production parts.

CNC machining principles

Automatic CNC machining services need digital files with tooling and cutting instructions. Therefore, the CNC machine process needs different tools to manufacture machined parts, and machinists and engineers to construct digital tool libraries to interface with the CNC machines. They can be operatedautomatically with the help of digital instructions, and the design begins in CAD software. The 3D model made by the software decides the required dimensions and properties of the final part.

As CAD-CAM packages often come bundled with the software programs, your production can carry on in the same programs. Also, there will be no requirement for file translation if both CAM and CAD software manufacture the identical product family. If not, you require importing the CAD files.

Efficiency and reliability

CNC machining services are controlled by automation or computers, and the process has no likelihood for any human error. Computer operation is what makes CNC machining much more fast and reliable in comparison to manual machining. CNC machining is accurate, and it takes a smaller amount of time for manufacturing.

Manual machining principles

Manual machines are managed by hand, including any conventional machines like drill presses, bandsaws, endmills, grinders, and lathes. With the help of these machines, a machinist can manufacture a wide variety of prototyping items for different purposes. But, when compared to CNC machining that is controlled by a computer or automation, manual machining takes more time and attention to perform a function.

Less expensive for small production

Manual machining can be utilized to produce metal and plastic parts. It is less costly for a small production project and a low-budget operation.


This is just a comparison between manual machining and CNC machining services. It is irrational to anticipate that manual machining will provide you with a result that CNC machining provides.

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