Facts of Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process ideally suited to produce large quantities of identical, one-piece components. Products produced by injection moulding include bottle lids, plastic combs, small pieces of furniture and many complex components for the automotive and electrical industries. The entire process is largely automated and the injection moulding machines that are also known as injection presses are used for manufacturing plastic products.

This is the most common method used to create large numbers of identical items from plastics. Essentially, the moulding process involves feeding plastic polymers in a pelletized form through a hopper into a chamber. Injection moulding machines are rated by tonnage and shot weight which expresses the amount of clamping force that the machine can exert to keep the mould closed during the process and the maximum weight of article that can be moulded.

Injection moulding is highly preferred as it allows high production output rates and you can even use inserts within the mould while producing the product. You may also use fillers for added strength. Injection moulding is preferred all round the world as more than one material can be used at the same time when utilizing co-injection moulding. There is typically very little post production work required because the parts usually have a very finished look upon ejection. The specialty about the machine is that all scrapcan be reground to be reused, therefore there is very little waste. Moreover, full automation is possible with injection moulding too.

You can also get a prototype built out of aluminum, pre-hardened steel or even non metallic composites. Aluminum injection mould are most common in prototypes as they are able to withstand the injection moulding process. This is a remarkable material that is relatively hard and can be machined in great detail as it is more conductive than steel. This conductivity reduces cycle times in moulding. Thus, injection moulding is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the world today as the moulded parts have a limitless amount of flexibility.

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