From Prototype to Product: The Impact of DMLS in Modern Manufacturing

A common misconception about 3D printing is that it can only produce plastic parts. But new technologies like direct metal laser sintering now make it possible to craft end-use parts and prototypes out of materials like stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, copper, or aluminum.

Where density, quality, and strength are crucial for the application, DMLS 3D printing can be a great option compared to traditional manufacturing technologies. No wonder it’s widely used in modern manufacturing processes—particularly in industries requiring high-performance parts, such as automotive and aerospace. It is also versatile for other applications, such as tooling, medical prosthetics, and functional prototypes.

Why DMLS 3D printing?

DMLS is an industrial additive manufacturing technology that builds parts one layer at a time. The process is similar to SLS (selective laser sintering), but this time, it sinters powdered metals together to craft the part layer by layer. This way, it can realize highly complex geometries, which are typically impossible or challenging to make via other metal manufacturing methods. In addition, direct metal laser sintering delivers parts with excellent mechanical properties, making it versatile for prototyping and end-use manufacturing.

More advantages

DMLS 3D printing impacts modern manufacturing processes by improving project timelines. With a wider material selection, product designers and engineers can freely and creatively design their parts. Moreover, production time is shorter than conventional tooling. This way, manufacturers can test their prototypes sooner and speed up product development.

Create functional prototypes and high-quality end-use parts.

Like SLS 3D printing, direct metal laser sintering can produce functional components that require more detail on their aesthetics. It’s also versatile for making parts that don’t require high structural soundness for part consolidation or weight-saving applications. Additionally, the DMLS 3D printing process can be configured for low-volume production of functional prototypes and parts. Just be sure to partner with a reliable and experienced DMLS 3D printing specialist who can support your project from prototype to end-use.

Improve your manufacturing process with DMLS 3D printing now!

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