Fused Deposition Modeling FDM – All You Need To Know About It

You may already know about 3D printing or additive manufacturing. But did you know that it involves different technologies that may or may not be appropriate for your project? One of the more common and versatile 3D printing technologies is fused deposition modeling or FDM, which builds parts using an extruded plastic filament into a nozzle and lays it down in a build chamber one layer at a time. This way, the process can realize designs with complex geometries. The FDM 3D printing method has restrictions, so overhanging features need support, which is removed post-process. Here are more things you should know about it:

How versatile is it?

FDM 3D printing uses a wide range of materials, making it ideal for low-volume end-use production and quick prototyping. It can produce parts from PC, ABS, and performance plastics like nylon and Ultem. It’s not uncommon to use fused deposition modeling or FDM to create custom functional bits, enclosures, and housings.

Build accurate parts

FDM accurately builds parts, making it ideal for crafting end-use components. Depending on your design, it can produce small parts that require plenty of details. A reputable 3D printing service will work closely with you and help design your product to ensure accuracy.

Pay attention to the filament.

FDM 3D printing creates parts one layer at a time, so you need to consider the diameter of the filament. The size can determine what can or cannot be printed. For instance, you have to ensure the minimum wall thickness is at least similar to the material. The same applies to projects with small details or features.

Adjust your design accordingly

Fused deposition modeling or FDM 3D printing can struggle with holes. The process may undersize the cavities by around two to four percent. So, consider designing slightly bigger holes to compensate. Otherwise, you’ll have to drill post-process. A manufacturer may install inserts for any holes required.

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