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A look back at HLH Prototypes in 2016 with some of our videos, all gathered in one spot. So grab your popcorn and watch a couple of videos or all of them. Just a 10-minute break, you deserve it. 🙂

2016 started with a NEW factory for HLH Prototypes. Here is a fun intro to that new facility. Over the past year, we have been steadily moving into this facility from our other facilities. The future looks bright with more capacity and technological diversity investments coming online. Click on the video to start playing.

Here we take a look at some of HLH Prototypes CNC capabilities with General Manager James Murphy. Our clients rely on HLH for our CNC solutions to help them deliver on all their project needs…including Rapid Prototypes, Rapid ProtoTools and Rapid Production.

Below is an interview with did with HLH Prototypes General Manager James Murphy at the beginning of 2016. Notice our older logo, this is another change we have gone through in 2016 as we continue to evolve from our Rapid Prototyping roots into a specialist in Low Volume Manufacturing and Rapid Tooling.

Next, we have a look at some the QA/QC equipment at HLH Prototypes that helps us to ensure the work we have done for you matches or exceeds your project specification. Here we have a look at PMI, Positive Material Identification.

Continuing with HLH Prototypes QA/QC measures we have a look at how HLH Prototypes uses precision measuring technology to help us verify tight tolerances on the parts that we make for you every day.

HLH Prototypes will continue to expand in 2017. Making the necessary investments in technology, infrastructure, and people, so that HLH Prototypes can continue to service all client’s needs with excellence.

Rapid Project Solutions @ HLH. to get started today 🙂


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