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January 4th, 2019





Opening Timeshttps://www.ces.tech/Logistics/Dates-and-Hours.aspx – Opening times for show, conferences, and keynote speakers.

Badge Pick Uphttps://www.ces.tech/Logistics/Badge-Pickup.aspx – Always an important thing to know in advance of arriving.

Transportationhttps://www.ces.tech/Logistics/Transportation.aspx – You can download the full hotel to show shuttle schedule here as well as view info on all transportation options available.

On-Site Serviceshttps://www.ces.tech/Logistics/On-Site-Services.aspx – Good resource so you know where the various business centres on-site are, what food options are available at the show, ADA transport options, and much more.

Exhibitor Listhttps://ces19.mapyourshow.com/7_0/search.cfm – Great search resource for planning your show. If you interested in robots just search for it and all exhibiting companies, conferences, and keynote speakers on the topic will pop up.

Speaker Listhttps://www.ces.tech/Conference/Speaker-Directory.aspx – Search for speakers here or browse by date.

Mobile APPhttps://www.ces.tech/Logistics/CES-App.aspx – A show this big needs an APP for sure, download the official APP here if you have not already.

Show Floor Maphttps://ces19.mapyourshow.com/7_0/floorplan/ – This interactive map is a great tool for helping to plan your show. Normally I am a fan of walking every inch of a show to take it all in. For a show this big it is not always possible to do this. Use this link to plan ahead.

With a show this size there is a lot more to know in advance but hopefully these handy links will help you plan a more successful #CES2019. Reminder to stop by and visit team HLH if you are neighbourhood – HLH Booth: LVCC Tech East 62329.

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