High Precision CNC Machining Services – All You Need to Know

Can you imagine using manual and traditional methods to build your newly designed custom parts? That usually takes time and expensive labor, and there is no guarantee that the results will turn out well. Today, you can choose CNC machining services to save time and money.


CNC precision machining is among the tried and tested manufacturing processes that rely on computer programming to automate the creation of any product to specific requirements. It delivers precise and durable parts fast for prototyping and end-use production. Here’s everything you must know about it.


What does it do?

With CNC machining, you take a billet or block of plastic or metal and cut away with a series of drill bits and tools. It’s a subtractive manufacturing process that uses tools like CNC mills, surface grinding machines, sink and wire EDMs, and lathes. Reputable CNC machining services also offer 3, 4, and 5-axis machines to prove their increased capabilities and faster manufacturing processes.



CNC machining tools may be accurate, but they cannot accurately reproduce a product’s dimensions per the CAD blueprint unless you set tolerances, which refers to the amount of deviation in a part’s dimension that is acceptable by regular standards. Tolerance helps reduce turnaround times and production costs, and the strictness depends on the manufacturing process. Leading CNC machining services control tolerances to DIN-2768-Fine for metals and DIN-2768-Medium for plastics.



CNC machining can involve different processes, so it needs various equipment. Sometimes, all necessary tools are placed on a single machine, while other projects may require different machines. Some of the commonly used CNC machines are milling, turning, and drilling equipment.



CNC machining services are in demand for their versatile, time-effective, and cost-saving processes. They are used in manufacturing medical equipment like MRI machines, implants, safe enclosures, and orthotic devices and in the automotive industry to make parts for trucks, shipping vessels, and other vehicles. CNC machining is also practical in the aerospace, defense, and military industries.

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