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To serve multiple industries one must not only possess diverse technological capabilities and an exceptional team, but also a business philosophy that lines up with western business needs. Being able to match and exceed clients expectations is crucial to keep a business growing and moving forward.

We work with project teams at companies across a wide range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Automation, Consumer Electronics and Communications. If you can think of an industry out there then there is a pretty good chance that we have made parts for it.

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Our customers come from all over the world, some use us for prototyping, some use us for production and some use us as a one-stop-shop for all their product development needs. Whether you come to us at the development, prototype, tooling or production phase of your project we have the solutions and services in place to ensure your project is a success.

HLH Project Solutions
Rapid Prototypes
Rapid Tooling
Rapid Production

HLH Core Services
CNC Machining & Turning
3D Printing (SLA, SLS, DMLS, SLM)
Vacuum Casting
Sheet Metal Work
Rapid Tooling
Injection Molding
RIM & Die Casting

Why Choose HLH?
Highly Experienced Engineers
Internationally Recognised
Technological Diversity
Western Managed
Secure Facilities & Processes
Massive In House Capacity
QA/QC < 1% Reject Rate
ISO Certified Quality
Competitive Pricing
Honesty & Integrity

“At HLH, we make things for you.”
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