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6Conveniently located in Shenzhen, China (next to Hong Kong), HLH provide bespoke project solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific project requirements. Highly flexible, value for money manufacturing services for all your rapid prototype, rapid tooling (ProtoTool) and rapid production parts/products.


With years of experience, expert engineers, massive capacity, stellar quality, technological diversity and highly competitive pricing HLH is your one stop partner for all your part/product fabrication needs.

At HLH our Western managed approach to quality control, customer service and speedy delivery helps our international clientele to consistently deliver projects on time and on budget. You can trust in HLH to deliver for you.


Whether you find us at the prototype, tooling or production phase of your project our varied and complementary services help to deliver the quality parts/products that you need…FAST! Our MOQ is 1, but we also service low, medium and high volume production runs in CNC, 3D, Injection, Sheet Metal, Vacuum Casting…


NEW is the best word to describe 2016 for HLH. A NEW 12,000 sqm, high tech facility. Investment in NEW equipment for faster part and tooling fabrication capabilities. NEW expanded capacity in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling (ProtoTool) and rapid production services. Trust in HLH’s Western managed operation to deliver the solution you need to ensure project success.

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