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At HLH, we know CNC machining and turning. In a world where 3D Printing grabs all the headlines and buzz, CNC machined parts still reign supreme when part strength is required. It is my first choice when it comes to any sample part that customers might handle. There is a massive range of surface finishes available with CNC parts that make them ideal for appearance models for trade shows or sales meetings.

Hand Finishing

A CNC Prototype part is never a poor investment. Even if you choose a different rapid manufacturing process for most of your prototypes my advice is to at least make one CNC prototype part for extra robustness. It will come in handy at some point.


When it comes to CNC Production parts, we make a lot. There are many niche parts and products in the market that necessarily warrant a full injection mold tool investment. The result is a higher per piece cost, but no massive up front cost. This works very well for many of our clients who have high-profit margin parts/products. They are happy to keep vital capital dollars in their pocket,

2 Wheel

High-quality finishes for appearance models are great with CNC. Choosing a very bold colour, that you might not normally offer in the market, can help you stand out at a trade show or in a sales meeting. High-quality finishes grab attention.


Talk to our team today to find out more about our rapid CNC Prototype and rapid CNC Production services. CNC parts give you the part strength you need to pass the market tests.

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