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HLH Production - As you likely know by now, at HLH we specialise in rapid prototyping and rapid tooling that lines up very well with low to mid volume part production needs. This may be a very low volume ProtoTool mold where you may only get a couple of hundred injection molded parts, which can be ideal for early new product development, or a ProtoTool mold where you may get 50,000 injection molded parts which works well for the automotive sector as examples. It may also be low to mid volume production parts via CNC machining, vacuum casting or 3D printing. We do a lot of low to mid volume production at HLH, but what we also do are full scale injection molding production runs and composite part production runs.

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Injection Molding – HLH’s injection molding solutions are first class, with strict international quality control measures observed throughout the entire manufacturing process. From incoming material and storage to managing correct cycle times, to ensuring regular quality control checks throughout the production run, our QA/QC program takes care of everything. Our emphasis is on delivering quality parts first time out thus reducing your risk and overall project costs.

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With injection molding presses ranging from 7 to 1600 tons we can handle most jobs that come our way. We also have the capacity to handle large parts and production runs as needed. Our costing is highly competitive but quality is still foremost. Trust in our experience, expertise and in house capabilities to make your next injection molding job a complete success.

Composites HLH Production - HLH offers a massive range of composite part production solutions from a wide range of composite materials including carbon fiber (UD, 3k, 12k), kevlar, glass fibers and hybrids.

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We offer first class composite component production services, including in-and out-of-autoclave cure solutions, compression molding, wet layup of high and low temperature systems, infusion and prepreg laminates. We manufacture composite parts for a massive range of industries, making parts for robotics, automotive, aerospace, sports and defense industries among others.

HLH also provide a range of post process machining and finishing services. Whether you need a one off prototype, low to medium or high volume production runs, HLH can help.

“We are renowned for high quality prototypes, but it’s also our reliability, our understanding of western manufacturing expectations and our customer service that has our customers staying with us through production.”

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