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Is sheet metal involved in your next project? Manufacturing prototypes yourself could be expensive and time-consuming, but companies like HLH Prototypes can make it more affordable and faster. The company offers metal rapid prototyping that can accurately and quickly manufacture any product, including brackets, enclosures, assemblies, cabinets, weldments, housings, and cabinets. Several metal prototypes can be made, from one to low or mid-volume quantities.

Sheet metal prototyping involves a wide array of processes to shape and manipulate metal sheets into your required geometry. HLH offers a good selection of hard-wearing and versatile metals for your projects. Rest assured, you’ll get a hard-wearing product that is inexpensive and quick to manufacture.

Why outsource to HLH Prototypes?

HLH has over ten years of experience in prototype manufacturing. The company is based in China and trusted by multiple product designers and manufacturers locally and abroad for low-cost prototyping solutions. HLH’s sheet metal rapid prototyping involves, laser cutting, bending, welding, punches, and others to manufacture custom prototypes. The company has a track record of building prototypes for communications and medical products, enclosures, and housings.

HLH adheres to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 requirements. The company is also IATF 16949 certified. These forms of accreditation help increase client trust in the capabilities of HLH Prototypes to create high-quality and reasonably priced sheet metal prototypes.

Working with you

Sheet metal parts are inexpensive and versatile for any product. However, the cost of creating prototypes can depend on certain factors, such as bending radii. To reduce costs, HLH recommends maintaining consistent radii on the bends. That way, setup will be minimal, and the process will be cheaper and quicker.

Not sure how to proceed? HLH Prototypes offer a free project review to walk you through sheet metal rapid prototyping process. The in-house team will work closely with you and provide design tips to make your product suitable for affordable sheet metal prototyping.

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