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HLH Tooling – At HLH we specialise in low volume, rapid tooling services (ProtoTool).
Our customers count on HLH to deliver fast, accurate tooling to match their ever shrinking product development and product launch time lines. At HLH we have the experience, capabilities and capacity to simultaneously build multiple prototype and production molds.

Your project may require a low volume ProtoTool for rapid design verification and part validation, or you may require a mid to high volume export tool for your facility back home or a production tool for parts being made in our factory. Whatever your needs are we have a flexible tooling solution ready for you.

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HLH ProtoTool (Rapid Tooling) - Rapid tooling, bridge tooling, soft tooling or prototype tooling, it is known by many names but only HLH delivers on “rapid” with ProtoTool molds built in days not weeks. HLH specialise in rapid turnaround, low cost, pre-series and prototype tooling. Count on our ProtoTool service to bridge the gap between prototype parts and full production injection molded parts.

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Why ProtoTool?

Real parts from real production material when only the real thing will do.

Low to mid volume production runs possible.

Production parts in days, not weeks, allows for comprehensive real world
testing that leads to quicker design verification.

Fulfill interim part needs while your full production tool is being built.

Quick, inexpensive way to get parts in front of clients and management for
early design reviews before committing to full production tooling.

Good option for specialty low volume, but high value parts or products.

Test multiple resins to determine best resin choice for full production run.

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