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IMG_7257BWAnyone can offer a service, anyone can own a piece of machinery, but that is simply not enough. To beat customers expectations and to gain their loyalty one must simply strive to be more. Below we will quickly take you through who HLH is at the core and how our western managed operations in China have served our existing clients with excellence for over 15 years.

HLH Vision
To be a trusted partner and solution provider for our clients and to be at the forefront of our industry globally. We believe that if we invest in people (both employees and customers) then together we will find success. Our employees are the power driving our machines and the solutions to every obstacle we face. Our customers are the reason we open the doors every day, they are the compass driving all our decisions. Together we can accomplish anything.

“Customers and employees, take care of both and everything else takes care of itself.”

HLH Mission
To enable our customers to lead their industries with the help of our reliable, high quality, customer oriented services. It starts with our core western  business values of honesty, integrity, commitment and trust paired with our intrinsic Chinese values of family, industry and hard work. HLH is here for the long haul, and because we consistently deliver on these values our customers come back time and time again. We are a solution provider, not just another service provider so you can rely on us to invest in the talent, infrastructure and technology needed to deliver fast, accurate, quality parts, on time, every time.

“Growth is always required to ensure you match customer needs and expectations.”

HLH Factory – NEW 12,000 sqm, 6 Storey Facility.
2016 sees the completion of our brand new, high tech and modern 6 storey, 12,000 sqm facility with adjacent living quarters. This new facility will allow us to consolidate our existing locations into one central product development and manufacturing hub. With our new facility up and running we are also expanding both our capacity and technological diversity with the addition of new equipment and departments.

“At HLH, we make things for you.” – info@HLHPrototypes.com

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