HLH New Rapid Tooling and Prototyping Facility

HLH Mold Technology is set to become one of China’s first specialist suppliers of prototype and rapid low volume injection mold tooling and parts with the 12000sqm factory.
HLH will move their existing factory into the new building as well as investing heavily in new machinery and technology. The new site is in the heart of China’s high tech manufacturing hub Guangdong.

HLH's new massive facility will offer rapid tooling, injection molding, CNC machining and more

HLH’s new massive facility will offer rapid tooling, injection molding, CNC machining and more

HLH have seen rapid growth since expanding into the international markets in 2009. Prior to this the company was focused on the domestic Chinese market and was already an established premier manufacturer of prototypes and precision machined parts.
HLH expanded in 2010 with a new factory in Shenzhen to encompass rapid injection molding and prototype tooling. HLH’s HLHProtomold service offers real injection molded parts in days due to their proprietary manufacturing processes.


UK born Vice General Manager James Murphy said: “this new facility is a massive investment for our customers; it will enable us to deliver better for them.
“We will bring everything under one roof and invest heavily in our rapid tooling department, ensuring our stringent quality control and service standards only get better.”

HLH have already drawn up plans for how to use the extensive 12000sqm which will include a dedicated rapid tooling and injection molding space, as well as a plastics and metals machining departments. The build is scheduled to finish at the end of October and HLH plan to be fully up and running following Chinese New Year.

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