HLH Welcomes New Head Tooling Engineer Lawrence “Larry” Arquette to the Team

HLH is excited to welcome new Tooling and Production Manager Larry Arquette.  Larry brings over 27 years experience in the tooling and injection molding industries and HLH is hoping to draw on this. Larry is highly qualified and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him.   A native Canadian, Larry has worked with a number of companies throughout North America and is especially experienced in the automotive and lighting sectors.

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He has developed his trade over the years starting out as an apprentice in a small high precision machine shop nearly 30 years ago. From there he moved to a mid-size machine shop and eventually started and ran a repair and service center overseeing up to 25 employees.

In 2005 Larry began traveling to Asia to oversee and manage tooling projects in Asia and in 2011 decided to make the move to China full-time.  Working independently in China over the past four years, Larry has overseen a great many tooling projects for North American and European companies ensuring exacting lead times and quality standards were met.

Larry begins a new challenge with HLH’s tooling and production division to be the lead tooling engineer and to manage the tooling division.   When asked what kind of experience customers can expect from HLH Tooling Larry replied with confidence: “Customers can rest assured HLH will provide great service and deliver high quality work in the shortest amount of time.  The future looks bright for HLH and our customers”.

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