HLH’s Secure Facility Protects Your IP

The investment you have made in your project is massive, from man hours and salaries to physical fabrication costs of prototype and production pieces, the costs cannot be understated and need to be respected by all partner suppliers.

At HLH, we take a complete 360-degree approach to security by investing in bricks and mortar, people and technology to ensure your IP/Project secrets are kept secure. With our new 12,000 SQM facility we have focused on:

1. Permanent guard house with 24-hour security guards.

2. Employee ID badges and visitor badges with customer login.

3. Pass card access elevators that will only open on authorized floors for authorized pass card holders.

4. Biometric access to all floors if using stairwell and biometric access to secure individual rooms on each floor. HLH employees are only authorized for certain floors and rooms as required to fulfill their duties.

5. Accompanied tours for all visitors.

6. Perimeter fencing.

7. Exterior CCTV to back up the perimeter fencing.

8. Interior CCTV that covers all 6 floors or our facility.

9. Data encryption throughout all of our systems to keep your IP safe.

We are constantly reviewing and adding to our security measures when/if we find any potential holes. At HLH, we don’t take chances with your IP.

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