Hope and resiliency meet here.

I can’t remember the last time I wrote about current events on our LinkedIn page or blog but this story is just too inspiring and filled with hope not to mention. A story that has captured the hearts of an entire nation and beyond.

If you haven’t been following, 1 coach and 12 boys (age 11 to 16) entered a cave in Northern Thailand for some exploring 10 days ago and became trapped inside when heavy rainwater flooded the cave. No one had seen or heard from the boys and their coach since they entered the cave 10 days ago, until now.

Two British divers found the boys and their coach late last night, bringing hope to a situation that was looking increasingly dire with every passing day. They are all very weak but they are all also very much alive. While a nation exploded with joy last night on the news that all are alive this jubilation was tempered with the cold reality of the task at hand now, getting the boys and their coach out of the cave, safely.

Thai Navy Seals are now in constant contact with the boys and their coach bringing in much-needed food, water, and medical supplies. There are some minor injuries but against all odds, everyone is in relatively good health considering the situation. It is incredibly resilient of them all to stay calm, stick together, and stay alive.

As it stands right now there are two practical choices for getting the boys out. The first option, let the flood waters recede which could take months. With this option, there is the real risk that heavy rains may return and make the situation worse. So Thai Navy Seals are bringing in months worth of food right now, in case further rain falls. The second option, the boys and their coach will have to dive out of the flooded portions of the cave. This is no easy task as it will require Thai Navy Seals to train up each individual on how to dive and then their first real dive would be cave diving which is incredibly dangerous for even the most experienced diver.

There are no great choices moving forward and the ultimate resolution may be a combination of the two options above. The only thing to do now is to focus on managing the situation as best as possible, train the boys for a dive (in case needed), keep food, water, medicine coming their way, and let them know that an entire nation and beyond are behind them.

The best hope is that heavy rain stays away so that efforts to drain flood water in the cave system can speed up. Right now the mood in Thailand, Asia and further afield is one of cautious optimism. Keep up to date with this story, you never know, you might have a specialty skill that rescuers may need to help with a perfect resolution to this story, the safe removal of everyone trapped.

This story is not over, there is still a lot of hope and resiliency needed before a perfect ending. Keep all those trapped and the rescuers in your thoughts.

Gary Moran

Thailand Cave

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