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Low-volume manufacturing, what is it? Well, depending on your needs low-volume manufacturing could mean a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand parts for a specialty product. Others may think of low-volume manufacturing as a production run starting at 10k or 50k pieces. The constants, regardless of the low-volume quantity, is that low-volume manufacturing will get your part/product to the market faster and can save you money.  Here are 4 reasons why rapid low-volume manufacturing, with injection molding, can save you money.

1. Tooling costs for a high-volume tool can be off-putting when you are in the early stages of a new product design, particularly when you really don’t know if version 1.0 of your product is the best version for mass production. Low-volume tools are more affordable and can deliver parts to you faster. The perception is a high per piece cost, but often that slightly higher cost is negligible when compared to a high-volume tool that may eat a big part of your project capital.

2. You get a mold faster, which means you get parts faster, which means you test faster, which means you finalise your design faster, which means you get to the market faster. Competition is fierce, speed is good.

3. The parts delivered from a low-volume tool are of the same quality as parts delivered from a high-volume tool. Point being you are not sacrificing quality and therefore can feel perfectly confident selling early production pieces direct to the market. Selling early production pieces through online channels can help fund your next round of tooling, which you will hopefully need for major retailers or distribution channels you have landed. Think of low-volume as a bridge to full production.

4. If you have a specialty product with a higher profit margin for a niche industry then you may not need a tool that can deliver 250k parts or more. If you do in the future, great, just make another tool with the profit you made by getting to market first. I will always sacrifice a little profit early on in a new project to protect project capital, the lifeblood of any project.

Whatever your low-volume manufacturing needs, CNC, 3D Print, Injection Mold…at HLH, we have a project solution for you – to start today.

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