How To Get Your Tool Built with Speed

When you hear the word ‘rapid’ it usually brings to mind something fast moving which is exactly what happens when you work with a company promising rapid prototypes. It is important to research how they accomplish this, what projects can utilize this method and to ensure that quality is not sacrificed in the process. This information can be found on the company’s website or by talking with a customer representative who can answer all your questions.

In some cases, businesses are using the term as a ‘catch all’ phrase but not really identifying how they are saving time and what they are doing to make this happen. You should always work with a company that is transparent and while they are not going to give away all their secrets, they should be able to give some solid answers to your related questions. One of the most popular methods used to build a rapid prototype is CNC machining especially when it is combined with softer metals and other time saving devices.

What used to take weeks and weeks to make now may only take a few days or a couple of weeks for the truly complicated projects. The most experienced businesses understand that ‘rapid’ should be used only as it applies and not as a sales gimmick so that customers understand the difference. Low volume production: bridge tooling, tooling for market testing and prototyping are just some of the most common projects where CNC machining can significantly reduce the build and generation time. This machine is programmed with the final design and then the cutting begins monitored by a qualified technician. Since everything is already developed in the computer, the machine just has to make the appropriate cuts and move the material as necessary. When softer metals are used then it takes a shorter amount of time to accomplish this process.

Whether you need your project finished on an emergency basis or you just want to take advantage of their CNC rapid prototype process, check with the team and make sure that they have what it takes to get the job done on your schedule!

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