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Over the past 30 years, I have personally learned one undeniable truth. When women are part of the process, any process, change for the better is on the horizon or happening right in front of your eyes. Slowly (too slowly) we are moving towards an equitable world. With the recent emergence of the #MeToo and other movements change for the better may come faster. Hopefully fast enough so that my unborn daughter will never have to deal with half the inequities that today’s women have to deal with on a daily basis. #PressForProgress

Here at HLH, we are lucky to have an incredible amount of talented women in our workplace. Women make up roughly half the workforce at HLH and they are absolutely killing it every day in every department, engineering, sales, manufacturing, project management, the list goes on. The men of HLH are very lucky to work with so many positive and talented women who keep pushing HLH in the right direction.

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As an expat, I have come across many talented and inspiring women all over the world. Women that I have worked with, women that I was lucky enough to meet at an airport or a pub, and women who are making some of the most incredible things in the product world. There are also women that I have come across through social media or interviews or their writings that I would like to share with you today. My advice, look these women up and listen. These women all opened up avenues of thought for me that I had never explored before their voice caught my attention.

Tig Notaro – if you don’t know her, look her up. She is a comedian who put a real human face on her own personal battle with Cancer through her comedy. To put yourself out there in such a vulnerable way and then to have your message connect with so many is very inspiring. Her storytelling is incredible and really helps to break down walls.

Angela Merkel – To be the leader of the biggest economy in Europe for over 12 years is simply incredible. As a politician, some people will love her and some people will not. But one cannot deny what a skilled and powerful leader Angela Merkel is. In my humble opinion, we simply need more women world leaders to help us move our collective societies forward in a better way.

Malala Yousafzai – Most people will know Malala’s story by now and if you don’t, look it up. She continues to put forward a view of the world and women that many 3 times her age simply cannot. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be an international voice of reason long after I am gone.

Saru Jayaraman – When I first heard her speak I could not believe the things I was hearing. Saru is an advocate for restaurant workers and an author among other things. She really opened my eyes to the service industry and the unbelievably crazy conditions that many women have to face on a daily basis.

I love that we have an International Women’s Day and I also hate the fact that we are so far behind where we should be that we need to have an International Women’s Day to help push the world forward. But as the song goes…♪ times they are a changing ♪

Gary Moran

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