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A number of our American customers’ have expressed concern and confusion surrounding the current tariff war brewing between the USA and China. But don’t worry, it continues to be our understanding that all low-volume parts for prototype use, R&D use, and general product development use still fall under a ZERO tariff designation in America.

Happy Days ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Make Parts, Not War

At HLH we think it is better to make parts, not war. So while the current trade tiff remains we are offering 10% off all new orders to ALL of our valued customers’ around the world.

Happy Days – Click to start – Mention code TradeTiff10ย  Send us your drawings and we will get you a quick quote with 10% off. Note: discount program starts June 6th, 2019 for all new quotes and runs until the end of June 2019.

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