6 Reasons to make prototypes in China

China is a manufacturing powerhouse, but the advantages do not just lie with mass production. China can be a great place to get prototypes, models and or low volume production runs done.

1. It is fast 

China has massive capacity and people here want to work, companies in China are working when you’re working and they are working while you sleep. The speed you can get things done here is impressive.  


2. It is higher quality than you think 

A lot of prototype shops in the developed world outsource their work to manufacturers in China, which essentially means the quality that comes out of China is the same as you pay for in the rest of the world. 


3. It is low cost 

The old assumption about China being inexpensive though less true than it once was is still one of the main reasons people choose to send work here. Economies of scale and lower wages do mean China is still a cost competitive place, especially for electronics and hardware manufacturing. 


4. There are so many companies there is someone doing everything 

There are so many companies and factories here that getting anything done is both quick and easy. Projects that require multiple processes and manufacturing techniques might struggle to get done in the rest of the world but here you can get them done in a week.


5. Everyone else is doing it 

Your supplier is doing it, your competitors are doing it and the man next door is too and for more than you think. There are still advantages to outsourcing some of your work over here so why not jump on board and start realising the savings in both time and costs.


6. HLH is in China 

That’s right, we are based in Shenzhen and Dongguan and waiting for your call freequote@hlhprototypes.com +86-755-82569129 EXT 817.


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