Our Guide on Choosing the Ideal 3D Prototyping Services

To save time and money, you must rely on a 3D prototyping service instead of buying your own equipment. Most discerning businesses and product designers are doing to it ensure the best results at a more affordable cost. The challenge is finding an ideal service provider that can understand your exact requirements, work closely with you, and consider your best interests. If you’re going through that ordeal, we hope this guide can help you make the right choice:

Look beyond your country.

It’s understandable to seek local companies to cut costs and ensure accessibility. However, you need not overlook outsourcing to international 3D prototyping companies, especially in China. There are reputable service providers with over ten years of experience in providing various additive manufacturing solutions and a track record of delivering high-quality and high-precision parts.

Identify their technologies.

Check the additive manufacturing technologies of a 3D prototyping service provider. It should include the standards like SLS (selective laser sintering) and SLA (stereolithography), as well as advanced and specialized methodologies like DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) and FDM (fused deposition modeling). See if they offer Project MJP 3D printing, the latest technology for creating accurate CAD and high-resolution precision prototypes and parts.

Explore the available materials

Determine the materials offered by the service provider and ensure they are suitable for every 3D printing technology available. For instance, SLS 3D printing requires nylon or glass-filled nylon, and DMLS requires titanium, steel, copper, nickel, and tool steel. FDM technology can create parts out of materials like nylon and ABS.

Ensure design expertise

Design is one of the critical aspects of additive manufacturing. A 3D prototyping service can review your project for free and advise on designing your part to make it suitable for your chosen technology. They can also provide tips to help you save more money and time when you design your product for 3D printing.

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