Process of Making Accurately Detailed Prototype

In order to have a realistic and accurate prototype from the actual materials you need to utilise the prototype or rapid mold technique Using the process of rapid injection molding, the plastic material is ‘shot’ into the mold at a high temperature and under pressure.

If there is any finishing that needs to happen to smooth out the edges or sand the roughness off then it will be directed to this department. After that it is looked over by quality control and then presented to the customer for approval. This allows them to determine if the sample is functional and accurate enough to proceed to final production for the larger quantity needed. While there are several steps in the process, it starts with the prototype mold being built correctly to standard so that the material can conform and the final product can be exactly what the customer ordered.

This saves times, energy and money before creating a bulk quantity because flaws in design or function can be worked out on one or two pieces instead of having to recall hundreds or thousands after the fact. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary and can be accomplished quickly using this method so the turnaround time is short.

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