Rapid Manufacturing @ HLH – Did You Know?

We often talk about tips on rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing, as well as highlight our rapid manufacturing capabilities. But today we dive into some of the numbers that don’t always get mentioned. The areas that help separate HLH from our competition. Facts that help make HLH not just a service provider, but a very reliable rapid manufacturing partner in China.

Did You Know Capacity

HLH recently moved into a NEW 6-storey, 12,000sqm facility. This new facility allows us to consolidate our operations into our brand new rapid manufacturing facility. This new facility has given us the extra room we need to continue to add capacity so we can keep up with our growing customer needs. A good example of added capacity is our current 3D Printapalooza sale on now until the end of November 2017.

HLH Precision Metal July

Fast delivery is an essential part of rapid manufacturing. Often, even though we are located in China, we can deliver faster than your local shop can. This is down to our processes that are all geared to Rapid Manufacturing, as well as our capacity and experience.

HLH Precision Metal July

it is a problem for us. We do some fantastic work for some amazing designers, but we just can’t show you, no one will ever see most of the work we do. It makes promoting HLH a much tougher job. If only I could share with you the parts and products that I see daily 🙂

Did You Know Markets

Each year more and more people from around the world find us and use our rapid manufacturing services. Our first year we shipped to about 18 countries, now we ship to over 67 countries, on just about every continent. But, we are still waiting for one of the research stations in the Antartic to give us a call 🙂

Did You Know QA

Quality, of course, is a must with Rapid Manufacturing.  One needs to be fast, but also very good. To that, we constantly look to upgrade our QA testing equipment and our QA staff training. 97% is good, but the target is always 100%.

Did You Know Technology

Technology is a big part of rapid manufacturing success. We are constantly upgrading existing equipment and adding new equipment to our 12,000 sqm rapid manufacturing facility. There is a really good chance that we have at least 1 rapid manufacturing technology that can help bring your design to life.

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