Rapid Tooling In Germany With HLH

HLH Handout Germany Final Back 3mm BleedsIn just over a week (May 31 – June 2) HLH will be in Stuttgart Germany, exhibiting at the GACS (booth 4532) to showcase our rapid prototyping and rapid tooling (ProtoTool) services to the automotive industry. Rapid services that truly speed up part and product development timelines.

When we talk rapid at HLH we mean it because we know how important it is for our customers to shorten their part and product development lead times to stay a step ahead of the competition. That’s why at HLH we continue to invest in our people and our infrastructure so we can continue to expand our capabilities to line up with growing customer needs. This month we opened our new 12,000 sqm facility in Dongguan, right next to Shenzhen (both cities easily accessible via Shenzhen and Hong Kong airports). This expanded footprint also brings with it expanded Rapid CNC, ProtoTool (rapid tooling) and 3D Printing capabilities.

Our ProtoTool service is of particular interest to our existing automotive customers and we expect this service to be a big hit at the GACS show. Low volume production tools in days, not weeks, tools that produce production quality parts, made from production materials, delivered from real tools. These production parts stand up to real world testing to help our customers quickly verify their designs and amend when needed. This rapid tooling/prototyping technique also allows our customers to test different resins early on in their project which gives them increased flexibility when trying to determine the best material for a given part or product. These are just a couple of the reasons why you may want to consider adding a ProtoTool mold to your next part or product development project.

You can count on HLH to continue to deliver on flexible product and part development solutions to match your projects needs. If you are in Germany at the GACS stop by our booth (4532)  to have a look at some of the parts we have made for our customers from ProtoTool molds. Or inquire about any of our services by emailing info@HLHPrototypes.com. At HLH, we make things for you.

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