Reasons to choose low volume injection molding

Rapid prototyping continues to help manufacturers create and analyze prototypes more efficiently. It can also produce end-use prototype components and high-quality low volume production parts, particularly when rapid injection molding is used. Low volume injection molding, allows you to ensure that the parts are just like the production parts while keeping the costs and lead times low when compared to full production manufacturing. Here are more reasons why you should consider it:


  • Lower upfront investment – Low volume injection molding can help you save on capital costs. Despite the lower price, it will deliver high-quality real production-grade materials swiftly, compared to when you have tools or prototypes developed via manual tooling.


  • Flexibility – It can produce prototypes from real materials, so it establishes the vital link between production and prototyping, as well as market testing, low volume production, and rapid parts.


  • Durable products – Rapid low volume injection molding uses tools that are made from aluminum and steel. Both options are used by reputable service providers to provide more value for you. Steel will usually deliver over double the parts than the amount that most aluminum programs can. The process will also deliver robust parts, so you can put them to the test when determining the quality of your prototypes.


  • Accuracy – If you need up to 100,000 parts produced consistently, rapid injection molding will ensure that each is created quickly in succession and with utmost precision. This way, you do not have to worry about inconsistent finishes and the quality of each product. You just need to make sure that the service provider is able to create high-quality custom molds that can meet your objectives and specifications.


  • For complex parts – Do you have complex components? Low volume injection molding can handle them. Simply work closely with the service provider to carefully plan your project and design to ensure high-quality and consistent results at a lower cost.

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