SLS 3D Printing Embraces Your Complex Design

There are complex designs and then there are complex designs that needs SLS 3D printing technology to help bring that design to life. SLS can handle complex designs better than just about any rapid manufacturing technology. If you were to ask engineers why they choose SLS 3D printing for rapid manufacturing they would probably say the following.

DESIGN FREEDOM – unlike other plastic 3D printing technologies SLS requires no support structures. This allows for seemingly impossible geometries and free-flowing moving parts that can be encased within your main part.

The only design restraint at the moment with SLS is the reality of mass production. In that, engineers need to still design with mass production technologies in mind or else they will run into trouble if they design too far away from the established norms.

For small run niche products with high value (such as medical tools), SLS 3D printing offers complete design freedom for engineers to try to solve a problem through a creative design that can be realized with the end-user.

As SLS 3D printing technology evolves and speeds up there is potential for highly complex and creative designs that could be available to the masses at reasonable prices.

SPEED AND PRODUCTIVITY – of all the plastic 3D printing technologies SLS is the fastest for producing robust prototype parts that can also be functional parts and end-use parts.

Complex builds with multiple parts printed at one time with minimal clearance is normal with SLS 3D printing, making it a highly efficient way to print parts at an industrial level. Parts can also be added to a build while it is already in progress (if there is room in the build envelope) which is another great feature for industrial SLS 3D printers.

PROVEN MATERIAL – SLS uses Nylon to build with. As a material, Nylon and its composites have a long history in manufacturing across multiple technologies such as injection molding and CNC machining. As a material Nylon is widely known and widely used by engineers in 1000’s of product designs daily.

Nylon, in general, is not proprietary and therefore highly competitive in the marketplace. This cost saving helps to make complex and robust parts using SLS 3D printing a daily reality that engineers around the world embrace.

Complex designs are not really complex to manufacture when you choose SLS 3D printing to help you realise your design. Do you have something complex to make? Try SLS today.



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