SLS 3D Printing Tips Continued

November 9, 2008 – We wrap up 3D printing week at HLH with a few more SLS design tips. Check out these quick tips below. Also check out our current rates for 3D printing. This is a limited time event 🙂

SLS Rapid Parts @ $o.3/Gram (USD) – to start your project review.

SLA Rapid Parts @ $0.25/Gram (USD) – to start your project review.

If you are not sure which process is the right 3D printing choice for your next project then our team at HLH will be happy to review your project with you. For now, here are some SLS design tips to help you design an awesome part.

Text – sans serif such as Arial with a minimum font height of 2mm. Embossed text: > 1mm high. Engraved features: > 1mm deep.

Mating (axels, gears) -> 0.5mm and < 1mm gaps prevent fusion. Min Clearance > 0.5mm. Max Clearance < 1.0mm.

Holes – the deeper the hole the larger the diameter needed. All holes should be ≥ 1mm. Blind holes should be designed with an escape hole to remove powder.

Follow these design tips and other design tips coming up to achieve a part design that is well suited for 3D printing manufacturing. Below is some further 3D printing guidance which may help you design a highly successful part for 3D printing manufacturing.

HLH Build Volume: 350x350x420mm

Tolerances: +/- 0.3mm is standard.

Self-supporting, no support required
High strength parts
Chemical resistance
Accurate to CAD
Fast build times – No tooling costs
Complex geometries possible

Rough surface finish
Limited material choice
Low resolution so loss of fine details

Surface Finishes
Sand blasting

PA 12
PA 12 + GF
PA 11
PA 6

Tips & Tricks – hollow parts out with escape holes for trapped materials. Anneal living hinges by dipping in boiling water and work back and forth.

At HLH, we make things for you.

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