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Email to send your 3D Printing Job to HLH. 3D Printapalooza is here until the end of October. Check out our quick mini blog about SLS Parts (Did You Know?), as well as details on the 3D printing sale at HLH.  Only 9 days left, act today.

SLS Parts – Did you know?

3D SLS parts do not require supports. This allows for almost complete design freedom.

SLS is a great 3D printing technology for producing functional parts such as threads and hinges. End-use parts are possible with SLS.

Undercuts, negative draft, and interior features are all achievable with SLS printed parts.

A slight radius is required on all edges and corners, something to keep in mind when designing parts for SLS printing.

To add strength (in areas of concern) to SLS parts it is recommended to add a radius greater than 2mm when possible.

With no tooling costs required (like with injection molded parts), SLS printed parts can be a great option for lower volume parts.

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3D Printapalooza Details

SLA Parts = $0.3/Gram (USD)    |    SLS Parts = $0.6/Gram (USD) – Just email your file to start.

**Include ship to address when emailing file. Shipping not included. HLH will confirm price before printing. SLS material Somos 14120 – SLS material PA. Ends October 31, 2017**

Don’t delay, act today – – HLH, we make things for you

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