Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Nylon

The standard Nylon that is used in SLS 3D printing is a great material choice when it comes to making robust functional parts with design elements like encased free-flowing parts, interlocking parts, snap fits, hinges and other design elements that require advanced mechanical properties to achieve part functionality.

Nylon offers great all-around mechanical properties and chemical resistance making it an ideal choice for functional parts and prototypes. High strength and high impact resistance are two big features that stick out to engineers when they are making a material selection choice, Nylon checks both these feature boxes.

Below are some of the KEY properties present in our standard nylon (PA) used for SLS 3D printing. Talk to our team today to learn about our 3D Printapalooza SLS printing sale.


Color White


Fusing point: 183°C

Heat deflection temperature (HDT)1.8MPa GB/T1040.2–2006: 83.5°C

Heat deflection temperature(HDT)0.45MPa GB/T1040.2–2006: 146.2°C


Tensile strength GB/T1040.2–2006: 46MPa

Tensile modulus GB/T1040.2–2006: 1602MPa

Elongation at break GB/T1040.2–2006: 36ï¼…

Flexural strength GB/T1040.2–2006: 46.3MPa

Flexural modulus GB/T1040.2–2006: 1300MPa

Impact strength, notched lzod GB/T1843–2008: 4.9KJ/M²

Unnotched impact strength GB/T1043-2044: 13.2KJ/M²



SLS Parts = $0.4/Gram (USD)

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