Tell The Right Story & Sell A Lot Of Product – Part 2

Tell the right story and sell a lot of product. Easy to say, not so easy to do. When it comes to selling a product have you ever considered that your package can be part of the story or a story on its own? Have you ever considered the value that a multi-use package can bring to your product?

One different aspect of storytelling is how your packaging itself can be sustainable and how that can be a great story. As entrepreneurs, we have an opportunity to do packaging better than the rest, so let’s do it better. First, an important point, make sure your IP protection is in place before you take my advice 🙂

Sustainable Packaging (Multi-Use Packaging) – The New Feature Set

I am skipping right past the features of your product and the importance of telling that great story on your packaging. You know your product well, so let’s save that topic for another day. Instead, let’s talk about the added story that a creative and sustainable package brings to your product.

When I say sustainability, don’t think recycling, using recyclable materials should be automatic in 2018, so let’s start taking it a step further. Think repurposing packaging to give it a life past the housing or shipping of your product. When possible I do love no packaging or almost no packaging as I am a minimalist at heart, so when you have a product that only requires very minimal packaging that can be easily recycled then that is awesome. But what do you do when you need any kind of container to sell your product?

You make it sustainable by creating a multi-use package and you make it very obvious to your customer that the package, is in fact, a usable product. Some ideas on multi-use packaging can be found here.

HLH Low-Volume Tooling

Getting back to the storytelling aspect of using multi-use sustainable packaging and how that helps you sell more product. Outside of the obvious moral and ethical responsibility that we all have to the planet and future generations (which should be enough), I am a realist and the reality is that your product needs to stand out and still be priced competitively. Here is one quick formula:

1. Design or source a container style package that works with your product and budget.

2. Dedicate 20% to 30% of the packaging to tell the story…this package is multi-use.

3. Really focus on the messaging and be bold about it, mini phrases like “Sustainable Packaging” or “Multi-use Packaging” or “Reusable Packaging”. Make your packaging its own uniquely recognizable brand.

4. Be prepared to sacrifice a little profit so you can present something better to the market.

You are essentially giving the customer something for FREE, which is massive value to the customer, as well as a great story that can stand out in a sea of product, and you are tapping into a world market that is trending towards sustainability. If you have an existing product line then start rebranding right away, get on this trend.

The Result: You will feel great about what you are doing. Retailers will love it because you will make them look great. You will most definitely get noticed. But most importantly to your bottom line, GenXers and Millenials are all over recycling, the environment and sustainability, so tap into who they are and sell a lot of product…in a more sustainable way.

Will your creative multi-use packaging cost more? Generally speaking yes but nowhere near as much as you think it will. I will always sacrifice a little bit of profit for a better chance of long-term success. You need to stand out in the market, this is a sustainable feel good way 🙂

Gary Moran

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