The future lives in 2019 – Part 1 #CES2019

January 2, 2019

The future lives in 2019 – a 19 part series to kick off the new year exploring products, technology, manufacturing, and how advancements that we may think of as futuristic actually live today in 2019. What are the trends? What are the new exciting products? How are they made? We will take a look at all of these from a market viewpoint and from a rapid manufacturing viewpoint.

For part 1 we take a look at #CES2019 which is coming up fast. It is the biggest technology show on the planet where many dreams are realized and some dreams crash and burn. In an increasingly online world #CES2019 stands out as a reliable place to launch new product and get noticed. Why start with #CES2019? All the hot products for the future and for right now are technology based, many of them consumer electronics based. Are they all game changers? No, but they do get a tonne of market share and there is no better place to launch a technology game changer than #CES2019.

The Basics – CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has grown so big over the years that it now takes up the entire Las Vegas Convention Centre and the Sand Convention Centre. If you have never been to Vegas these are two enormous properties so pack some comfortable shoes. With more than 4500 exhibitors and over 250 conferences it is literally impossible to see it all during the 4 day show from January 8-11, careful planning is required to take in what you want to see.

Attendees will include more than 180,000 people from 150 countries making CES a true global trade show. Plus, at a time when most trade shows around the world are begging anyone to come and opening up the show for anyone to come in (to help prop up their numbers), at #CES2019 you have to pay to get in and you have to prove you are part of the industry during the registration process. This break from what other shows are doing really shows the strength and importance of this trade show.

FYI, If you are at #CES2019 HLH will also be there, exhibiting at LVCC Booth 62329. Stop by and say hi to team HLH if you have the time 🙂

2019, What To Look For – This series is about the future being today in 2019, so what are some of the hot topics that we think of as the future that you will see at #CES2019? Robots for one. Robots and automation in manufacturing have lived with us for decades now. But the personal robot for household use and robots for commercial applications (other than manufacturing) are really starting to make their way into our everyday lives. #CES2019 will showcase at least 179 exhibitors in the field of robotics.

Other hot topics that we think of as the future that actually live with us now in 2019? Drones, self-driving cars, sports technology, and AI. These are a few of the cross over fields that have seriously weaved their way into the fabric of CES. Technologies in these fields (and others) are starting to live with our every day lives and will only continue to expand. It’s not George Jetson or Star Trek yet, but it is getting there and I have no doubt that these two pop culture references will be used to compare some new products this year at #CES2019, showing us that the future does indeed live in 2019.

Winners & Losers – There will be both at #CES2019. Some will win because they offer the future right now and we want it. Some will lose because the future they offer may not make sense to us. Some will win on novelty, others will lose on complexity. It is a fascinating show with a lot of future being offered to us right now. It is hard to predict how the market will react but if you are a product developer in the tech arena, you want to be at #CES2019.

Gary Moran

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