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The Maple Leaf, not to be confused with The Maple Leafs hockey team, is something that all Canadians identify with and cherish. Some people do cherish The Maple Leafs hockey team, with the rest of Canadians feeling pity for them. I mean, who ever heard of a blue Maple Leaf? But let’s not turn this Canada Day Maple blog into a partisan hockey rant. Which, is a very Canadian thing to do 🙂

The Maple Leaf helps to make the Canadian flag one of the most instantly recognized flags in the world. The bright red leaf when seen on the flag, or alone on just about anything else, will instantly bring Canada to the forefront of most peoples minds, anywhere in the world. It is a very powerful symbol. The Maple Leaf is Canadian.

How did the Maple Leaf get it roots?. Don’t tune out, it’s not boring 🙂 In 1834 the Mayor of Montreal declared the Maple Leaf “the King of the forest…and a symbol of the Canadian people.” Over the following decades, the Maple Leaf was adopted by many businesses, organisations, and government institutions as a way of identifying themselves as Canadian through symbolism. In 1867 the Maple leaf was introduced on all coins in Canada and for years stayed this way, which helped to ingrain the Maple Leaf as a symbol of everyday Canadian life. From there, well, there are thousands of examples, so enough history for now 🙂

So what about the name Maple? In Canada, we name people Maple, places Maple, food Maple and so much more. All inspired by our beloved symbol, the Maple Leaf.

1. The Maple Leafs – they will win The Stanley Cup again…someday 😂

2. Maple Syrup (obviously) – good on pancakes, ice cream, fish, and more 🥞

3. Maple Cookies – delicious 🍪 Plus they are really good for you, not really 😉

4. Maple Cities – Maple, Ontario – Maple Creek, Saskatchewan – Maple Grove, Quebec

Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Honestly, I thought there were more 🏡

5. Maple Alcohol – Beer, Whiskey, Vodka…you get the pitcher 🍺

6. Maple People – see photo above 😀

7. Maple Bacon – I mean, come on, game over 🥓

The list goes on and on and on. The Maple Leaf and Maple as a name is about as Canadiana as one can get. Maple trees live in Asian, Africa, Europe, and North America. But when you see a Maple Leaf or hear the word Maple, you think of Canada. 🍁🍁

Things to do on Canada Day this year. Pour some Maple syrup over any food, hug a Maple person, make fun of The Maple Leafs 😂 😂 Have a great Canada Day everyone 🍁🍁

Gary Moran

At HLH, we make things for you…not out of Maple Syrup 🙂

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