Things to Consider While Choosing China Injection Molding

Manufacturing plastic parts is simpler with modern technologies, such as injection molding. The process is efficient and ensures durable parts. But if you’re considering it, you may have heard that China injection molding is the way to go for savings. The problem is that you’re unsure how to choose a manufacturer that can fulfill your needs. Here are things you can consider to make an informed choice:


The injection molding process


Firstly, try to understand the process of plastic injection molding. It involves; melted polymers or plastic resins injected into custom molds under high pressure. It may sound simple, but it’s a complex process involving the creation of bespoke molds. That’s why it’s crucial to work with an experienced and reputable China injection molding partner with a reliable and trustworthy team of experts to help you out.


Production capacity and volume


Consider the size and volume of your production. Most injection molding companies have set capacities, so check their MOQs. Reputable companies can accept at least one for prototyping and up to 100,000 for low-volume manufacturing.


Product application


You need to consider the intended use for the part, such as design, production, development, or prototyping. The injection molding company must guide you in choosing the best plastic resins that suit your application.


How the service works


Leading China injection molding companies offer consultation services and free project reviews. Their in-house teams can help optimize the design of your parts to make them suitable for plastic injection molding and to meet your budget. See if they offer other services, such as mold flow analysis and prototyping.


Other services offered


Do you need other services besides custom molds and injection molding? Check if the China injection molding company offers other services, such as CNC machining and 3D printing. That way, you won’t have to look elsewhere, and it can be your one-stop-shop for all your manufacturing needs.

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