Top 3 Reasons to Use Vacuum Casting for Rapid Prototyping

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to create production-quality parts fast? Vacuum casting may be for you. Also known as cast urethane, it is a great solution that can deliver production-quality parts without the typical lead time or the costs associated with production tooling. You merely have to partner with the right service provider that can provide a vast selection of materials and for your project. It’s possible to cast parts of any size, from headphones to lengthy car bumpers.

But is vacuum casting the best for your prototyping requirements? Mentioned below are three reasons to choose it:

  1. Get high-quality production-grade prototypes

You may be building prototypes for now. However, if you want to analyze them better, they have to be sound in quality. Cast urethane parts are production-quality and detailed, no matter their size. That said, it’s essential to ensure the master model’s quality by verifying its high-resolution features and good surface finish.

  1. More material options

Vacuum casting allows you to make prototypes from many different materials such as polymer resins, flexible elastomers, and stiff plastics. The parts can be transparent or self-colored, depending on your design. There is a good selection of curable and castable resins, which are as good as thermoplastics like PP and ABS. That means cast urethane parts can have similar mechanical and aesthetic properties to final, mass-produced products made of PE or ABS.

  1. Save time

Vacuum casting saves a lot of time and helps speed up product development. Silicone molds are quick and easy to create and the cast urethane parts can be produced quickly in succession with one mold. You can get the parts quickly and hence you can start with functional testing and validation right away. It also lets you conduct quality assurance at the prototyping stage to determine if the parts are viable for certain applications before they go into final production.

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