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Vacuum Casting (Urethane Casting) can be a great choice for low-volume parts or prototypes. A really great option for quickly confirming your design. Here are some vacuum casting benefits to consider before you decide on your next rapid manufacturing project.

1. Vacuum casting parts can be as tough, or tougher, than injection molded parts. A great option for testing near-to injection molded parts without the expensive tooling cost.

2. A single low-cost vacuum casting tool can deliver anywhere from 10 – 50 parts. Tooling time is very fast which means part turn-around time is very fast as well.

3. Vacuum casting can produce parts with fine detail as well as very accurate surface textures. Detail that you would expect from a fiinal injection molded part.

4. Parts delivered by vacuum casting can be coloured during the vacuum casting process, with no additional painting required post molding.

5. Vacuum casting parts are available in Rigid (impact resistant) or Flexible (soft) plastics.

The next time you need low-volume parts or rapid prototypes, check with our team at to see if vacuum casting is the right choice for your project needs. Currently 15% off until the end of January 2018, some conditions apply*

*SLA master only, discount does not apply to projects that require a CNC master*

*Sorry, no transparent parts for this discount*

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