Why less is more in uncertain times – low volume production options

Low volume manufacturing options might be the answer in today’s uncertain business climate.


The world today is in a strange place. There is a backlash against unfettered capitalism from many corners. There are nationalistic movements across the globe. From the USA’s China trade war to Brexit in the UK. Added to this the impending global warming crisis. And a move away from mass consumerism.

Then on the other side. Product lifecycles continue to get shorter. New product introduction lead times are reducing. And people are demanding more and more from everything they own.


This climate is an uncertain one to develop new products for and the risks of failure are higher than ever.


Low Volume Manufacturing Options


Taking advantage of lower volume manufacturing options mean you can keep initial investments down. They allow you to trial new products before committing.


HLH has a range of options available for low to mid volume part production.


Low volume injection molding

Instead of investing in incredibly expensive production tooling, with its super-long lead times and high prices. HLH low volume injection molding is great for plastic parts from 50 – 10000 pcs per month and anywhere in between. We can use a massive range of production materials and with our specially designed rapid tooling lead times and prices are very competitive.


Vacuum casting

For even lower volumes of plastic parts. Vacuum Casting is great for <50. It is also a good choice if you are still finalizing the design and might need to make some changes as the tool costs are very low compared to injection molding.


CNC machining

This is a good choice for low volume metal parts. HLH have a massive range of certified materials and finishes available.


3D printing

This is an increasingly viable choice for low volume production. HLH have SLA and SLS 3D printing for plastics and SLM for a range of metals. With 3D printing, you get complexity for free and it offers many advantages against other processes when the parts are complex geometry.


For more information about what makes sense for your project talk to one of our experienced project managers today.


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