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I want to get my product from paper to realization fast, what can I do? The world has gone 3D Printing crazy so it is understandable if 3D Printing pops into your head for some miracle solution. But in my opinion, to get to market fast, nothing beats Rapid Tooling. The benefits of rapid tooling far outweigh the additional costs of creating a low-volume rapid tool.

Here are a few of the benefits that make rapid tooling still a big winning choice for getting your product to market faster. Generally speaking, fastest wins ­čÖé

Some ProtoTool (Rapid Tooling) Advantages

Real parts from real production materials.

Low to mid volume production runs in rapid lead times.

Production quality parts in days, not weeks.

Fulfill interim part needs while your full production tool is being built.

Quick, inexpensive way to get parts in front of clients, funders & decision makers.

Good option for specialty low volume, but high-value parts or products.

Test multiple resins to determine best resin choice for mass production.

With the ability these days to sell product directly through your own retail shop or through partners like Amazon, choosing a rapid tooling solution to get your product out to the world is an easier choice than ever.

Gary Moran

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