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We have been running our SLA and SLS 3D Printing sale for a few weeks now and we have seen some awesome designs come out of our 3D Printers. To be honest, some of the parts that I have seen I have no idea what they are. I wish I could share with you to get your opinion as the designs are so interesting. But, NDA signed, so we don’t show 🙂

There are still 3 days left for 3D Printapalooza, an HLH solution is waiting for you…see below 🙂

3D Printapalooza Details

SLA Parts = $0.3/Gram (USD)    |    SLS Parts = $0.6/Gram (USD) – Just email your file to start.

**Just email your file to get started – Add ship to address, shipping cost not included – HLH will confirm price by email before printing – SLA material Somos 14120 – SLS material PA**
**The offer only applies to standard shaped parts, any parts with excessive complexity or very small features will need to be quoted by the project**

Don’t delay, act today – – HLH, we make things for you.

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