3D Printapalooza – 3D Printing Sale @ HLH

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Printapaloozaa 3

Click to send your 3D Print Job to HLH.

With some recent purchases at HLH, we now have increased 3D Printing capacity at our 12,000sqm rapid manufacturing facility. This added capacity has made us go a little bit 3D Printing crazy. So, say hello to our awesome 3D Printapalooza event, on until the end of October 2017.

3D Printapalooza

SLA Part = $0.3/Gram (USD)    |    SLS Parts = $0.6/Gram (USD) – Just email your file to start.

**Include ship to address when emailing file. Shipping not included. HLH will confirm price before printing. SLS material Somos 14120 – SLS material PA. Ends October 31, 2017**

Don’t delay, act today – – HLH, we make things for you.

Printapaloozaa 3