HLH World Cup Predictions – Round of 16

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World Cup 2

HLH (me) picked 5 out of 8 group winners correctly. That is pretty good considering what happened to Germany. What’s that all about? That is why I love the World Cup, it doesn’t matter how good you look on paper or what your reputation is, you still have to show up and play.

For the next round of HLH predictions, I will guarantee you that if VAR does not screw things up any worse than it already has, then the predictions below will be 8 out of 8 😀

France vs Argentina – Sorry France, it’s Messi time. Argentina

Uruguay vs Portugal – Portugal is a one-man show. Uruguay

Spain vs Russia – Hard to vote against Spanish technical skill. Spain

Croatia vs Denmark – Croatia looks really strong. Croatia

Brazil vs Mexico – I love Chicarito, but sorry Mexico. Brazil

Belgium vs Japan – Lukaku with a brace if fit. If not, still Belgium

Sweden vs Switzerland – My only toss-up, but I can’t stay neutral. Sweden

Columbia vs England – Rashford will break through. England

There you have it, guaranteed picks if VAR doesn’t give me an excuse to complain…and with VAR’s recode so far in this World Cup, you know I will have an excuse 😀 😀

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