What is Injection Molding?

By admin | October 31st, 2014 | 1


Injection molding is a process by which parts are manufactured by injecting material under pressure into a mold cavity that has been designed to create a specific part or tool. The material is heated prior to injection and then cooled until it hardens in the mold before being removed, These parts may then require some post process finishing.

There are a few companies in China that also utilize this method to create and build prototypes for a variety of purposes – this process is known as rapid or prototype tooling. Using engineering experience and standard industry machines every product has a high quality standard and is precise in the detail and functionality and can also be manufactured from the production material grade.

The professionals within these companies are experts in their field and ensure that all submitted requests are thoroughly vetted through their team. From there, they will build mold tools from aluminium or low grade steels in order to realize high quality injection molded parts in very fast lead times and samples that can be presented to the customer with days rather than weeks or months for standard tooling.

Once the production has been completed and final approval has been given by the inspection department then the items can be shipped to their final destination to be used as designed. Check with China injection molding companies that you plan on working with to ensure that they have a solid reputation.

  • Hang Plas Ltd

    It is a process which shaped the liquid plastic. Mould are used to manufacture the plastic parts.