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By admin | October 6th, 2017 | Leave a Comment

HLH Tip 1

Getting to market before your competition or getting to market first, both require speed. When I think of speed to market I think of my past experiences launching product, what worked and what didn’t. Two big lessons I learned…

1. Make more than you need. Testing can be hard on parts, testing is supposed to be hard on parts. You want enough parts on hand so you can push your parts to their limits and past. Don’t run out of parts during testing.

2. Try different materials and dimensional iterations of your part/product early. Don’t wait for the results of testing one design. Make those iterations early on to gain valuable knowledge earlier.

In the end, time is your biggest enemy in The Speed To Market game, and a huge cost factor. A few extra parts may be the difference between success or failure in your Speed To Market pursuits.

HLH Tip 1 to start today.