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Rapid/Prototype Tooling

Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling, bridge tooling, soft tooling or prototype tooling, these names and others refer to low - mid volume injection molding tools. At HLH we use the term ProtoTool. Our rapid ProtoTool service delivers real parts, from real tools, using real production materials, really fast.

When you have a new part/product or version 2.0 of an existing design one of the most important factors that will help determine your part/products success is Speed To Market, the speed in which you can introduce your design to your sales channels.

By using Aluminium and softer steels for our rapid ProtoTool service we can quickly realise and verify your design as well as help to identify any potential product design flaws. Verifying your design early saves you money. Identifying design flaws early saves you money.

Our customers asked us to invest in rapid tooling because they know the true cost of slow results and unverified designs at mass production.

Bridge the gap between prototype and production parts.

Rapid Tooling
Rapid Tooling
Rapid Tooling

ProtoTool is a great Low Volume Manufacturing solution.

Rapid Tooling

Some ProtoTool Advantages

  1. Real parts from real production materials.
  2. Low to mid volume production runs in rapid lead times.
  3. Production quality parts in days, not weeks.
  4. Fulfill interim part needs while your full production tool is being built.
  5. Quick, inexpensive way to get parts in front of clients, funders & decision makers.
  6. Good option for specialty low volume, but high value parts or products.
  7. Test multiple resins to determine best resin choice for mass production.

ProtoTool is a faster and cheaper way to realise your design.

Rapid Tooling
Rapid Tooling

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