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Vacuum Casting

The perfect solution for one offs in silicone or rubber, parts with complex geometries and low volume production runs or multiple prototypes, vacuum or urethane (RTV) casting has become the industry standard. HLH Prototypes has been working with vacuum casting technology since our opening day and offer high quality cast urethane parts which look, feel and act like production parts in rapid times.

Vacuum casting allows for parts to be self coloured and the urethane casting process assisted by a vacuum which ensures a high degree of conformity. Our engineers optimize each individual step to bring the gas porosity to the minimum. The cast parts can be produced in a broad range of surface finishes and colours or transparencies.

HLH Prototypes can cast your parts in a massive range of leading Polyurethane resins and offer parts from one of the largest machines in the industry. Using either imported or domestic silicone for the tools HLH Prototypes offers the finest cast parts to suit your project’s budget and requirements.

Download Vacuum Casting Material List Here
Vacuum Casting Material

Max Size: 2500x1000x1000mm
Materials: Massive range of PU resins to choose from
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